It is better to be good than evil, better to love than hate, better to help than hurt, better to give than take. Everybody knows and accepts that. So, what’s our problem? Is it so hard to do the right thing? Are we that perverse a race of beings? Religions sure as hell dropped the ball in their only mission, to make us better human beings. They all turned into political power entities bent on controlling people’s lives with threats of dire suffering. When the threats didn’t do the trick the religions started killing and torturing people to keep them in line, telling us they were carrying out God’s will.

God’s will? The Crusades? The Inquisition? Conversion by the sword? The slavery and brutality visited upon half the world’s Muslims, the female half, to this day? Even in Biblical times, the Jews justified conquering other people’s lands by saying God ordered them to slay those people down to the last man, woman and child. Look at two of the greatest figures of the Hebrew Bible, David and Solomon, a couple of poster boys for greed, lust and murder. In the Koran you’ve got only one star, Mohammed, as bloodthirsty a megalomaniac as ever breathed. The Hindu faith enforces a rigid and cruel caste system, elevating the few at the expense of the many. What kind of God would condone any of these people or the heinous acts they perpetrate? And what kind of fool would fall for any of their crap? And what sort of cruelty is it to teach your children not to trust those who follow a different faith? 

The only guy who had a decent message of love, tolerance, mercy and brotherhood was Jesus Christ, who started no religion at all, but was killed for taking the trouble to point out obvious truths. After his murder a crazy religion was established in his name that would go down in history as one of the most bloodthirsty and tyrannical organizations to wreak havoc and misery on the human race. They called themselves Christians, killing and torturing in the name of The Prince of Peace, doing their level best to keep the bulk of humanity in ignorant servitude. The bigotry and venality of organized religious practice of any sort boggles the mind.

What about the bigotry of forbidding intermarriage? That’s no different from Hitler’s ideas of racial purity, but hidden behind the skirts of some mother faith that makes hatred and intolerance okay. It’s not okay and never was. Not for Hitler and not for anybody else. All people share the same DNA, easily interbreed and can donate blood and organs to one another, regardless of skin color, culture or religion. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between any of us. So why have we let our religions get so far off message? God doesn’t hate us, and there are no special chosen ones he loves more than others. We are all his creations, every one, as worthy as anyone anywhere. Religions all seem to preach the exact opposite, ignoring the reality that every faith has produced its share of evil human monsters.

True, there are some religious people who are motivated by love and a vocation to help others, but why do they need a religion to live such a life? Why not do good for the sake of good, fight evil because that’s the right thing to do? Forget about people’s souls and all that bullshit about eternal damnation if they are not “saved.” From what? From thinking for themselves? From seeing the world as a seamless whole populated by all sorts of decent people? Cherish and respect people here and now in the only reality we have ever known. All this talk of souls and heaven and rewards after death only make it easier to mistreat others in this world, to hate them, enslave them, make war on them and steal what they have. All in the name of some mystical, unproven fairy tale. There is no magic, there is no hidden truth, there are no people in closer contact with God than you are.

In this religious world, 36,000 people die every single day from starvation. In this religious world, you have fanatic fundamentalists of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Animist and Christian persuasion bent on killing one another, hiding their hatred behind their faith as they seek to impose their will upon others. God has nothing to do with hatred and murder or tyranny. God is love and goodness, period. He has no axe to grind against any particular type of human. It’s a hard world no matter what your particular religious persuasion, a world that would benefit from people working together rather than being set at each others throats by one highly dubious and hypocritical theology or another.

When our governments act with evil intent we replace them, either by election or by force. Why not do the same with our religions? Every one of them divides humanity and teaches evil doctrines detrimental to the human race. They all claim to be the one and only truth. That does not mean the rest of them are lying but your faith. Yours is a liar too, and a thief of your humanity. What is good inside you has nothing to do with any labels attached to you like Jew, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, it’s there because you are human. What evil you do is your responsibility. Let the churches and temples rot and let their various ministers get real jobs and make themselves useful. They’ve caused enough grief and spread enough evil. Turn your back on the profound evil of organized religion. Love your brother and do good works. Wage peace.

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