Things you don't hear much:

"Looks like New Orleans is off the hook now that they rebuilt those levees."

"Who cares what religion the president follows?"

"Boy, that McCain is sharp as a tack!"

"Looks like it will be the Yankees in the Series again this year."

"What you eat is none of my business."

"I've never seen this episode of 'Law and Order!'"

"How did the Chinese make their air so pretty?"

"My job was shipped back home."

"When is that Synchronized Swimming team appearing near here?"

"You just don't see enough of Paris Hilton anymore."

"Is there still room on Mount Rushmore for Dubya?"

"When are they going to team up Jim Carey and Adam Sandler in a movie?"

"I wish five or ten people would explain that speech I just heard in English!"

"I'm taping my favorite Weather Channel show."

"I didn't make a video with kids and pets and post it on You Tube."

"Did you hear that new rap song about peace and love?"

"Just filled up my tank for twenty bucks."

"Boy, that Ralph Nader sure is a charmer!"

"Have you seen the latest video by that Middle Eastern star, Osama?"

"Why don't they put that giant Mexican border wall around New Orleans?"

"I can't get enough of of Bill O'Really."

"Looks like that world starvation disaster is finally over."

"Daddy, what's a homeless person?"

"Too bad Siegfried and Roy aren't torturing tigers for our amusement anymore."

"Let's go see a professional soccer game!"

"Is that a Susquehanna hat you're wearing?"

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