Sometimes the old brain just won't shut up. Questions, questions, and more questions:

What exactly was the problem with peace again? What, was it boring or something? Not enough "glory" for some people? Well, what's more glorious than peace? Honorable, too.

Exactly who's idea was the color code for Department of Homeland Security alerts? Was there something wrong with quickly understood terms like high, medium and low? And why exactly do we need fear-inducing status reports at all times? Can't we give these people something else to do, like doing the paperwork for real law enforcement groups?

Why does the electoral college still exist?

For my share of the taxpayer bailout of the giant mortgage companies, could I at least get a Fannie May pen or something, maybe a calendar?

Do the chief executives who are getting pushed out of these mortgage companies still get to open their golden parachutes? Last year the Fannie May guy got paid $12.2 million while the Freddy Mac man got $19.8 million even though his company's stock lost half its value. Seems like plenty enough for doing a horrible job, especially considering that they lied about how much capital they had. Why not lie to them and tell them their huge severance checks are in the mail? When was the last time you got fired for screwing up big time and got rewarded with millions of dollars?

Remind me again, exactly why do we torture prisoners of war? It's not like the valuable intelligence gained from it has produced any results other than gratification for sadists and knocking America's reputation all to hell. Seems like Osama is still in the evil mastermind business too.

Would Blackwater Guards fight against the United States if someone made them a better offer? There's plenty of oil rich dictatorships and monarchies who could afford to give them more than the fifteen hundred bucks a day they earn now for being on our side. Maybe even Russia with its new-found wealth. And if we fired them, would they just go away quietly?

And speaking of mercenaries, why are they guarding American diplomats? Seems like the United States Marines always did an excellent job of that with no questions about where their loyalty lies.

Does anybody seriously think that Iraq will live happily ever after when we leave, no matter when that might be? The beacon of democracy and stability in the Middle East doesn't seem to be materializing. Might as well declare victory and get the hell out ASAP. Who knew that Sunni-Shiite-Kurd hatred thing was permanent? Actually, a whole lot of people did but Bush The Younger wasn't one of them. For a guy who can't find his own ass with both hands he sure got ambitious when he tried to find the Iraqi's hearts and minds with heat-seeking missiles.

When Dick Cheney is out of office will he still be allowed to shoot guys in the face with his shotgun?

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