Quote of The Week: “More people will die.” – President Elect Joseph Biden, explaining the consequences of Trump refusing to allow the incoming administration to gain access to his Covid-19 Task Force

Appropriately enough, Week #201 of The Trump Era began on Friday the 13th, with all kinds of Friday the thirteenth-ish things happening, like the increasingly cadaverous Rudy Giuliani being put in charge of all of Trump’s lawsuits attempting to steal the election after going 0-for 10 in Federal and State courts, the equally creepy Roger Stone being exposed as the source of the misinformation that fuels Rudy’s bizarre and delusional working hypotheses, and Trump threatening to (!) withhold the vaccine from New York State in order to punish Governor Andrew Cuomo for providing the template for data and science-driven leadership (and thus Anti-Trump) during the pandemic that would claim a quarter million American lives by week’s end.

Friday also gave us 182,000 new cases of Covid-19 and a return to our Springtime death levels that found an American dying of Covid at the rate of one per minute, while smaller cities and rural areas unequipped to deal with a major public health crisis scrambled to find beds (and doctors and nurses) to treat their exploding caseloads. President Elect Biden demanded on Friday that President Trump do more to confront the coronavirus infections exploding across every corner of the country, calling the Federal response “woefully lacking” (some might say nonexistent) even as Mr. Trump broke his 10-day silence on the pandemic, by threatening to withhold the vaccines from New York.

Even our geopolitical rival China found this unravelling of America distressing, and welcomed the prospect of dealing with a normal man capable of self-control, and congratulated Joe Biden on his victory, while The Secret Service was having a hard time filling its expanded duty roster that mandates it protect Biden as diligently as the President, due to 130 Secret Service agents having contracted Covid-19 at Trump’ super-spreader events.

While prominent Trump buttboy Senator Rick Scott announced he was exposed to Covid-19 and must quarantine, former Trump Chief of Staff General John Kelly uncharacteristically inserted himself into the public dialogue to rip Trump a new butthole, angrily berating Trump over his refusal to allow a smooth transition of power, citing not only the dire public health consequences, but matters of national security that would leave America vulnerable to attack, and to the exploitation of our leadership crisis by foreign rivals.

And speaking of leadership, or glaring lack of same, on Saturday Trump’s most loyal supporters marched on Washington, all 10 thousand of them, calling their crusade “The Million MAGA March To Stop The Steal,” coming up 990,000 MAGAs short of the mark, and rating only a drive-by waving tour by Trump on his way to the golf course. Trying desperately to avoid the humiliation of it all, Trump golfed while his inflatable sex doll look-alike Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany regaled TV audiences with photographs of Obama’s inauguration, claiming they were “a million patriots in the streets of Washington to support President Trump.”

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani, relishing his new role as undisputed consigliere to the Trump family, began waxing incoherent once again (he’s very reliable that way) about a type of voting method used by some states called Dominion Voting Systems that Giuliani claimed “changed 2.7 million votes from Trump to Biden” before correcting himself on the fly, claiming that Dominion is a really a “front” for Smartmatic voting system, then saying ohwait no it isn’t, Smartmatic is controlled by George Soros, neatly tying 4 years of delusional alternative facts into a tidy bundle of insane bullshit that established nothing (another of Rudy’s “special talents”).

Also on Saturday, a Federal Judge ruled that since Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was not legally serving in his office (and still isn’t) when he signed rules limiting applications and renewals for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, those rules are now invalid, meaning that Obama’s DACA program providing a path to citizenship for Dreamers remains intact, those undocumented immigrants brought to America as small children, educated here and knowing no other home but America.

And speaking of expelling children, it was not Dreamers getting kicked out of America that made Saturday’s news, but rather reports of the children of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump getting expelled from their exclusive private school, not for anything they did, but for what their parents refused to do; take Covid-0 seriously.  The school decided that the Kushner children’s continued attendance constituted a clear and present danger to their classmates, just like Mommy and Daddy’s continued presence in the White House endangers all of us.

On Sunday China and 14 other nations from Japan to New Zealand to Myanmar sent a message to a rudderless America that it can be replaced as the world’s leading superpower when they formally signed one of the world’s largest regional free trade agreements, a pact designed by Beijing partly as “a counterweight to American influence in the region.”

Then as if to prove that America is not what is used to be, Trump’s crazy new Science advisor to the White House Covid Response Team went berserk when Dr. Scott Atlas implored the citizens of Michigan “to rise up” against Governor Whitmer’s public health rules, just weeks after Trump’s similar attacks on the governor culminated in a thwarted plot to kidnap and execute her and take over the Michigan State Capitol Building with an armed civilian militia consisting of 200 fat drunks who never bothered to show up up for their own “revolution.”

As America approached 11 million cases of Covid-19, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak became the 5th State Governor to contract the disease. As all this unfolded, Trump still refused to make any public appearances, communicating exclusively in Petulant Teenage Girl Mode on Twitter, obsessively and repeately Tweeting crybaby nonsense like “He won because the Election was Rigged!” and “RIGGED ELECTION. WE WILL WIN!” followed by “He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!” He also Re-Tweeted this from one of his more imbecilic racist supporters: “Anyone who votes for Biden is ignorant, anti-American and anti-Christian.”

On Monday, the Administration focused on trying to force Biden to continue Trump’s China policies, but no one in the White House seems to be aware of what they are, since temper tantrums are fairly difficult to codify into coherent policy, and Trump’s vaunted “Jynah Deal” remains in limbo as China sagaciously bides its time waiting for a sane leader to occupy the White House in January.

America received more good news that day when Moderna Pharmaceutical announced that their vaccine is proving 94.5% effective and can be kept in ordinary freezers instead of the ultra-deep freeze requirements of the Pfizer vaccine that was announced a few days prior. The 1,707 Covid deaths that day only underscored the need to get these vaccines approved and distributed ASAP, and the need to maintain our stringent public safety rules until vaccines become widely available.

The inevitable delays between approving these vaccines and getting the population vaccinated motivated the nation’s scientific community, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the leaders of Centers for Disease Control, to sound the alarm about Trump’s refusal to implement a proper transition, saying that it will cost thousands of deaths that could be saved by an orderly transition. The vaccine distribution will be done by the Biden Administration, and Trump is screaming bloody murder that he is the one who should get credit for the work of the scientists, and is more than willing to sabotage the country’s recovery and kill thousands more Americans out of pure petty spite.

The Administrator of The Department of General Services, Emily Murphy, the one in charge of implementing a full Transition, still refused to authorize Biden as President Elect even though she sees the handwriting on the wall as well as anyone and is looking for a new job herself, in spite of Trump’s threats to fire all job-seekers from his Administration. Ms. Murphy, however, knows she is fire-proof since there is no guarantee her replacement will be equally willing to damage our country.

Then we heard the news of Senator Lindsey Graham going completely rogue as he contacted the Secretaries of State of several swing States, most prominently Georgia, to twist their arms to get them to (!) nullify the votes in entire counties (you know, those districts where “those people” live). The Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, a man once wholeheartedly endorsed by Trump, outed Graham for criminal interference with free elections when Graham asked him whether he had the authority to toss out all mail-in ballots in “selected counties.”

Then Raffensperger, a Republican who favored Trump’s reelection, shoved it up the President’s ass a little further by saying that Trump’s own anti-mail voting rhetoric potentially cost him 24,000 GOP votes, citing 24,000 Republicans who voted by mail in the primary, but did not vote in the General Election, in a State Biden won by only 16,000 votes.

Frustrated with getting refused at every turn in his bid to overturn the election results, Trump sought to set another fire for Biden to put out when he asked senior advisers in an Oval Office meeting on Thursday whether he had options (!) to bomb Iran’s main nuclear site in the coming weeks, but cooler heads prevailed and we didn’t wind up in Word War 3. Yet.

He did, however, override the strenuous objections of the Pentagon and military commanders fearing another “Fall of Saigon” disaster, by announcing he is pulling American troops out of both Afghanistan and Iraq, leaving only a token force of 2,500 troops in each nation.

Another of Trump’s unflagging supporters, the ancient Senator Chuck Grassley, paid dearly for his support of Trump by becoming the latest careless Republican to contract Covid-19, while we learned the price for Giuliani’s unflagging support was $20,000 per day, which Rudy probably figures is a fair price for becoming Trump’s election-loss scapegoat, and never getting hired as anyone’s attorney again.

Giuliani knows better than most how very difficult it is to defend Trump on any level; legal, moral or intellectual, a dilemma illustrated by Trump’s firing of Chris Krebs via Twitter. You will recall Mr. Krebs from last week, the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at DHS, when he reported that his office could confirm that “The 2020 Election was the most secure in American history.”

Au Contraire, Tweeted Trump: “The recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate, in that there were massive improprieties and fraud.” Krebs is one of those dedicated career professionals who provide Presidents with the only sources of hard information they have, their own intelligence and law enforcement professionals. Krebs’s firing was like fighting cancer by firing your oncologist, declaring you never had cancer in the first place, and hiring old Doc Giuliani instead.

This was the day when Joe Biden declared simply that “More people will die” if Trump does not act quickly to implement the transition that the law and the Constitution demands. The US Constitution and American laws, however, are just so many squares of toilet paper to Trump. He added Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to his criminal conspiracy when Azar refused to share any Covid-19 and vaccine data with Biden’s team, making Azar a willing killer of his fellow Americans.

Patient and undaunted, Biden assembled his Senate Confirmation Teams for the upcoming confirmation hearings on his Cabinet Secretaries. Lucky for us, this is Joe Biden’s third Transition of Power, once as incoming Vice President under Barack Obama, the second as outgoing Vice President, and now as President Elect. His teams, his policies, his nominees, his staff and closest advisors are all in place, and his connections and experience won’t allow Trump to cripple his Presidency, anymore than any man would allow the psycho ex-boyfriend of his woman to define their relationship.

As if we didn’t already possess enough sordid information about Trump’s corrupt Attorney General William Barr, we learned on Wednesday that just one week after Barr was appointed, fresh from his stint working for Caterpillar Corporation, that DOJ officials in Washington told the investigative team in an active criminal probe of Caterpillar to “take no further action until further notice” in the case, with a $2.3 billion tax payment at stake, with “until further notice” meaning forever in a case that still remains in legal limbo.

As America passed the quarter of a million mark in Covid deaths, Rudy Giuliani was in court disputing votes in Pennsylvania, telling a Federal Judge: “This is not a fraud case” after spending the past week screaming about all the fraud cases he was exposing. The judge had a hard time explaining legal concepts to Rudy and different legal options he might pursue other than the piles of woof tickets he presented to the court, but America’s Night Mayor seemed to be in the grips of one of his patented psychotic meltdowns and could not grasp the judge’s instructions.

Thursday, the mercifully final day of Week #201, found Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Israel legitimizing the controversial West Bank settlement, trying to force the Biden Administration to continue Trump’s Israel policy, and even accused the international movement called Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of anti-Semitism. This is part of Pompeo’s Destroy Biden’s Chances Tour as he visits several of the world’s hot spots with a can of gasoline in an effort to cement Trump’s “legacy,” such as it is. His coconspirator, William Barr, celebrated Trump’s legacy in his own way, by planning 3 executions before Inauguration Day, including that of a woman.

Meanwhile, the Senate elections are not over and $135 million in TV ads has been poured into Georgia for their 2 Senate seats in a runoff election on January 5th, an election that will determine whether or not Mitch McConnell keeps his job as Grim Reaper, or Biden gets a functioning Senate.

On the lawbreaking front, Trump invited Republican legislators from Michigan to the White House on Friday to talk them into sabotaging the Electoral College by having the State Legislature choose new Electors, loyal only to Trump, no matter the outcome of the election, something the Speaker of the House in Michigan has so far refused to do, saying the legislature “has no role here.” That did not stop Trump from trying, or House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy from defending Trump’s right to overturn the will of the people.

Rudy Giluliani, Week #201’s featured player in the absence of any public appearances by Trump, helda one final (until his next one) unhinged press conference, spouting what we can only assume was more of the same mouthful of craycray he has been spouting since Election day. There is a legitimate reason why one can’t be certain of what he said because it seems that once Rudy got all worked up, which never takes more than a minute or two, he began to sweat profusely, and all attention was riveted on the rivulets of black hair dye streaming down his face, looking like a bald Alice Cooper in a steam room.

Then the CDC sounded the alarm for the second time in a week after 2 million new cases were recorded over the past 7 days. They strongly advised Americans not to travel on the long Thanksgiving weekend and to double down on wearing masks and maintaining a healthy social distance, warning Americans in no uncertain terms that “the worst is yet to come” before any vaccine can be distributed.

Then we learned the truth from Trump’s own White House staff that Trump knows for certain that he lost the election and is only doing all he can to create chaos, cause additional deaths and inflict permanent damage on his country (!) “out of revenge” for what he calls the Democrats “questioning the legitimacy” of his own election. You know, the one where he lost by 3 million votes and got a lot of incredibly effective help from Russia.

So we enter Week #202 of this interminable chaos and catastrophe with at least an end date in sight, January 20th, 2021, at which time Joe Biden will be tasked with the biggest cleanup job in history; taming the deadliest pandemic in a century, restarting a shattered economy in new ways, closing Trump’s concentration camps, correcting civil rights abuses, restoring our international reputation and finally rebuilding our aging infrastructure, while simultaneously extinguishing the thousand political fires Trump is lighting on his way out the door so he “can get even” with the country that fired his sorry ass.

But hey, no pressure, Joe!

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