WEEK #178 OF THE TRUMP ERA IN REVIEW, FRIDAY 6/5/20, TO THURSDAY, 6/11/20 by Just Some Guy

Quote of The Week: “He fell harder than he was pushed.” – famous physics skeptic D. John Trump

Quote #2 of The Week: “But people make up the most insane stories so they don’t have to deal with reality.”- Nate Buckley, friend of Martin Gugino, the gentle 75 year-old man severely injured by Buffalo police that Trump accused of being a violent Antifa provocateur who faked a brain injury for which is he is still hospitalized (talk about staying on message!).

Quote #3 of The Week: “It’s not supposed to be a beautiful scene, but to me it was.” – President Trump explaining his getting an erection watching soldiers attack civilians.

Week #178 of the Trump Era began on Friday with the President visiting a factory in Bangor, Maine that manufactures sterile medical swabs used for Covid-19 testing and medical face masks, and to show his support for Maine’s commercial fishing fleet, recently reactivated after suffering serious financial losses due to the pandemic. The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, had warned him to “watch your mouth.” While Trump of course ignored Governor Mills, he made sure the rest of us watched his mouth as he toured the sterile facility with no mask, forcing the company to discard every swab and mask produced during his time there.

Friday morning saw Trump and Attorney General Barr and heads of military forces and law enforcement being sued by Black Lives Matter over Barr’s Charge the previous Monday in Lafayette Park, where peaceful protestors were attacked by American soldiers with tear gas and rubber bullets on Barr’s orders so that Trump could stage his bizarre Photo Op in front of a boarded-up church, where he brandished an upside-down Bible. The suit charged that the authorities mentioned were in violation of their constitutional rights by violently dispersing a peaceful protest. No mention was made of the fact that the Attorney General of the United States, a civilian, appears nowhere in the military chain of command, leaving that unconstitutional act to other legal remedies.

Also vilifying Trump that day was his former Chief of Staff John Kelly, a real General who would never command troops to attack peaceable unarmed civilians exercising the First Amendment Rights that every American soldier is sworn to uphold and defend, when Kelly lambasted everyone involved in Barr’s Charge and, for good measure, waxed uncharacteristically loquacious about Trump’s policy of consciously and aggressively dividing Americans into mutually hostile groups, as much for his own amusement as a tool for control in the absence of any actual ability or interest in uniting and equitably governing the people he serves.

Kelly was joined in his condemnation of Trump by retired Admiral and the Navy SEAL Commander who oversaw the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, Willam McRaven, who wrote a series of Op-Ed pieces condemning this toxic president and calling for new leadership to be elected in November, clearly stating what everyone on Earth already knows: “President Trump has shown he doesn’t have the qualities necessary to be a good commander in chief.”

Later in the day Trump addressed what he called his booming economy, claiming he created 2 million jobs on the spot when in fact those 2 million people were workers returning to their old jobs after being locked down for 3 months due to Trump’s fatal non-response to the Coronavirus Pandemic that closed down America, on the same day that 1.5 million other America workers filed for unemployment benefits, boosting that number to about 40 million formerly productive members of our work force sidelined needlessly by Trump’s inaction and his active sabotage of public health protocols, and his own team of scientists who are desperately trying to save lives.

Trump, for some strange reason, felt the need to attack Mexico again, lying about Tijuana being “the most heavily infected place anywhere in the world, as far as the plague is concerned,” when in fact Tijuana far was safer from Covid-19 than most American States and cities. While he was insulting people, he took a swipe at Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowsky, one of the few Republicans with the nerve to criticize Trump for his aberrant behavior, then insulted the commercial fishing fleet he came to honor by awarding the industry a paltry $20 million in Covid Relief Funds, an industry unfortunate enough to be very short of manicured corporate princes in expensive suits, and long on weathered working men and women with coarse hands, weatherproof clothes and strong backs.

Ignoring the fact that such people have built and run this country since 1776, Trump babbled on about the stock market, claiming our shattered economy will “be a rocket ship.” Amid all these delusional boasts and predictions, every economist and industry leader alive are contradicting Trump, and instead warning every American to brace ourselves as a nation for a long, lean and traumatic economic recovery. To underscore their warnings, the Stock Market began to tank by the end of week, dropping 1,800 points in a single day as a reaction to nationwide civil unrest.

But don’t think for a moment that your President forgot about the civil unrest that still gripped the entire nation’s cities every single day since George Floyd was murdered by brutal police officers in broad daylight on a Minneapolis street, as well as the huge crowds of protestors in Washington DC that sent Trump whimpering into an underground bunker and issuing death thats to American citizens. And no, don’t get all giddy and think that this was a moment of growth and enlightenment for Donald Trump. He doesn’t do epiphanies, personal growth or soul searching (he would find Bigfoot before he found a soul within the cavernous void of his vast body.)

However, even though President Donald Trump has consistently rejected the idea of police reform and instead urged them to get tougher on the people they arrest, and has embraced and promoted racism as one of his Administration’s defining hallmarks, even he realized he must meet the moment and address the unequal and brutal administration of justice toward Americans of color.

And meet the moment he did, declaring that his false economic forecast was (!) “a great day for George Floyd,” who was “smiling down us us,” and stated with bold confidence (supreme tonedeaf arrogance) that the problem of American police officers systematically brutalizing and killing our Black brothers and sisters would be solved by (!!) having a great economy. The notion that George Floyd is “smiling down on us” to help Trump sell woof tickets to imbeciles is as monstrously cruel as it is batshit crazy, but that is the President we have today.

On Saturday, even his longtime enabler in Social Media, Facebook, removed nearly 200 social media accounts linked to White Supremacy groups that planned to encourage their members to attend the protests, in some cases with weapons, in order to incite violence and discredit any reform movement, even as Washington DC was inundated that day with more protestors than had been seen in our nation’s capitol in decades, cruelly depriving Trump of the support of his beloved “Fine People of The Tiki Torches.”

Trump also addressed the issue of American troops that day, on the one hand planning to weaken NATO to do Putin a favor by withdrawing America troops from bases in Germany, and on the other hand insisting on dispatching 10,000 heavily armed troops to Washington DC and other major American cities to “dominate the streets” (brutalize American citizens), an unconstitutional bit of insanity that Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and  Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley turned down flat. As far as his continuing effort to dismantle NATO as payback to Russia for installing him in office, howls of protest rang out within his own government and around the Western world.

On Sunday Attorney General William Barr, increasingly the face and instrument of the de-Americanizing of America, tried to weasel out of any responsibility for the National Guard’s brutal route of peaceful protestors in Lafayette Park, a crime committed on his orders and now known as Barr’s Charge. No one was buying it, especially the even larger throngs of protestors that flooded into Washington on Sunday, finally giving Trump a crowd to rival Obama’s inauguration crowd numbers. The fact that they were all chanting “Fuck Trump” at every opportunity, however, sort of put a damper on his heady moment, reinforcing the old adage “be careful what you wish for.” Another black eye for Barr would come a day later when the National Guard commanders made it public that they had informed Barr beforehand that the people in Lafayette park were peaceful and posed no threat. 

Former Secretary of State and one-time Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell (Ret.), who still commands respect among many Republicans in spite of being unapologetically Black, joined the growing chorus of prominent former military and government leaders in openly opposing this poisonous regime, called Trump a liar who violated the Constitution. And speaking of Conservative Black people, only 2 days after praising George Floyd, Trump decided to re-Tweet a vicious video message made by some woman named Candace (aka The Black Karen) that claims that “George Floyd was not a good person,” a classic “demonize the victim” tactic long employed by Trump and his sordid ilk.

Monday  brought us more talk about American soldiers, this time the American troops leaving Washington DC in response to an end of looting and rioting that had marred the early days of the George Floyd demonstrations, and the lifting of curfews that the violence had necessitated in many cities. Ironically, most of the violence involved in these demonstrations against police brutality were the result of scores of instances of police brutality.

What was not lifted, predictably enough, was Trump’s impotent fury at not being able to order American troops to massacre unarmed American people in the streets, so he had to settle for sending workers to remove the Anti-Trump signs and pictures from his new White House wall in the middle of the night, only to see twice as many replace them the next day.

Acting Deputy Director of The Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli proved why he is Trump’s kind of guy by making it a point to say in public that he does not believe that George Floyd’s life would have been spared if he were a White man, knowing full well that if Mr. Floyd were White his life would never have been put in danger in the first place. It is important to Trump for his team to keep driving wedges between us and throwing ideological bombs if he is to prevent Americans from finally realizing that 99 of every 100 of us are in the same boat, basically the ones manning the oars while the 1% rides in style and comfort.

The unrelenting protests are beginning to make profound changes in American life, both real and symbolic, with even the US Army on board with fighting systemic racism by announcing it will rename bases named after Confederate leaders, which of course Trump vowed will not happen on his watch, in case anyone thought he would pass up a chance to slap Black America in the face again. He is also feuding with Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi over the issue as well, regarding the removal of the statues of Confederate leaders adorning the U.S. Capitol Building that those same leaders once did their best to overthrow.

The real sea change in Dumbass Confederate Culture would come from a completely unexpected source, when NASCAR shocked the world and their fan base by banning Confederate flags, and even images of that flag at any of their events or the surrounding properties, so don’t even think of driving your Stars & Bars-painted pickup truck to any NASCAR event ever again. This is a monumental and courageous decision, one that enrages all the people that needed this wakeup call, and whose children will not grow up seeing this emblem of slavery as part and parcel of the American cultural landscape.

On Tuesday the working class Black man whose murder set the country on fire got a much fancier funeral in his native Houston than Trump will get wherever it is that he dies, complete with gold coffin, a beautiful glass horse-drawn hearse and eloquent eulogies from gifted and passionate speakers, including a memorable and touching video appearance by our next President, Joe Biden, which was also a master class for Trump in Presidential bearing and unifying leadership, but Trump’s old habit of ignoring his teachers and his daily briefers found him alone with his cell phone that day, sending out nasty false tweets such as this one (sic):

“Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?” 

That insane and cruel Tweet went a long way towards explaining why millions of Americans have taken to the streets in outrage in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Those in the Department of Justice whose responsibility it is to keep track of these things, in spite of the presence of William Barr, went about their sworn duty and collated the nationwide arrest records stemming from these 2 weeks of Civil unrest, and reported that they found no evidence whatsoever of violent activity by Antifa activists. 

And speaking of deadly pandemics, we are still in the throes of the Covid-19 plague, and it is getting worse, not better, even though our President has decided to ignore that fact and urge the entire nation to reopen ASAP, a position likely to cost us 100,000 more lives over the Summer on top of the 116,000 we have already lost by the end of week #178. Dr Anthony Fauci, who has seen himself and his entire Covid Response team hidden from public view like a redheaded stepson with Tourette’s Syndrome by the President, still manages to connect with the public, and on Tuesday he told us “Coronavirus is my worst nightmare, worse in ways than Ebola or HIV. In the period of four months, it has devastated the world and it isn’t over yet.”

The deadly spikes in new infections and Covid deaths in Red States that never fully closed down or properly observed the safety protocols in the first place are once again threatening to overwhelm health care systems, PPE supplies and testing capacity in over a dozen unprepared States whose Governors chose currying favor with Trump over the lives and health of their citizens.

One such State, Georgia, even combined the intentional exposure of its citizens to potential infection and death with the destruction of our electoral system that Republicans have decided is their only path to staying in power. Georgia voters, denied access to mail-in ballots, endured many hours waiting outside in pouring rain to vote, while voting machines either broke down or might as well have, since many poll workers were not trained in how to operate the new machines. The number of polling places had already been drastically reduced, and the result was an election nightmare whose results no one knows whether or not to trust.

And this was following the 2018 election when Georgia illegally removed the voting rights of thousands of poor and minority Georgians, resulting in tainted victories for the GOP in crucial races. Trump and his Republican coconspirators are planning a similar assault on November’s Presidential Election, and are already laying the groundwork for massive voter suppression, denial of mail-in ballots and reduced polling stations nationwide in order to fix the election for Trump and Republicans or, failing that, to sow such confusion and distrust that Trump will seize the moment to refuse to recognize his defeat at the polls.

And as we learned that Uncle Sam (you and I) paid $75,000 to underwrite Donald Trump Junior’s hunting trip to Nepal to kill another endangered species, we find out that his Dad is once again repeating the crime for which he was impeached, withholding duly voted upon and legally binding Congressional funds, this time to prevent medical supplies from combatting Covid overseas, even after Trump has repeatedly promised to help foreign nations combat the pandemic that took 1,299 American lives that very day.

Governor Andrew Cuomo ripped into Trump on Wednesday over his vicious lie about Martin Gugino, calling Trump mean, crude and irresponsible (what else is new?), and Trump responded by proving Cuomo 100% accurate by appointing Merritt Corrigan to the United States’ Foreign Aid Agency, a woman who said this: “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the shining champion of Western civilization,” (the opposite is true of Orban) and publicly denounced America’s liberal democracy as (!) “a homo-empire” that pushes a “tyrannical LGBT agenda.” This is the face and the voice Trump wants to present to the world as the new Voice of America.

Later that day the former Federal Judge John Gleeson, assigned to independently review the Department of Justice’s attempt to dismiss the criminal case against Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, after his conviction (and 2 confessions in open court), made his official filing that concluded that the Federal government “has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the President,” amounting to “Prosecutorial misconduct and gross abuse of power.”

And speaking of abuse of power, Steve Linick, the former State Department Inspector General fired by President Donald Trump told lawmakers that two top State Department officials tried to discourage his investigation into a shady U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia, which prompted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to respond on Thursday that the IG’s job was to make the Department run smoothly (it is not, that’s Pompeo’s job), not investigate his boss (an Inspector General’s exact job description when the boss does something unethical and/or illegal).

Also on Thursday, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Mark Milley, the nation’s top military officer, took the extraordinary step of publicly addressing and apologizing to the American people, admitting he was wrong to accompany the President on his publicity stunt stroll through Lafayette Square that ended in a Photo Op at a church. He said his presence “created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics” and that he was embarrassed for participating in Trump’s brutal and absurd bit of political theater. 

Before traveling from his golf resort in New Jersey to Dallas that day, Trump made thuggish threats against specific individuals who happen to be investigators for the International Criminal Court by authorizing economic sanctions and travel restrictions against the court workers directly involved in investigating American troops and intelligence officials for possible war crimes in Afghanistan. He also harshly criticized the U.N. Human Rights Council and the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, since human rights, education, science and culture are alien concepts to Trump, ideals that clash with his own passionate pursuits; money and television ratings.

In Dallas, Trump participated in something called the Policing Conference, a cosmetic exercise supposedly addressing the racist policies in America’s police forces, rendered completely worthless by Trump pointedly failing to invite any heads of the Dallas law enforcement authorities, all of whom are Black, and so boycotted in protest by the the Black mayor of Dallas. Mayor Eric Johnson made the right call, since the “conference” was nothing but one more forum for a Trump Pity Party, whining about overt racists being labeled overt racists, whimpering about not being allowed to tell cops to commit brutality at every opportunity, and generally how unfair everything on earth is to a billionaire who was handed an unearned massive fortune by his father and an undeserved Presidency by Vladimir Putin. Yeah, lots of unlucky breaks and unfairness there. Small wonder he compensates for this gross iniquity by shitting in a gold toilet when he’s not shitting on his country.

Then Trump gave vent to a disturbing streak of sadism when he threatened to invade (!!) Seattle Washington with the US Army to “dominate’ (there’s that word again!) their streets and relieve their “weak Mayor” of her duties, to which Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan replied “Make us all safe. Go back to your bunker.” Washington Governor Jay Inslee backed up Ms. Durkan by saying “The threat to invade Seattle, to divide and incite violence in our city, is not only unwelcome, it would be illegal,” and told Trump pointedly to “stay out of our State’s business.”

Staying out of all 50 States’ business is exactly what Trump did when it came to the Covid-19 plague, letting them fend for themselves as their citizens died with almost no help and little direction from the Federal government until it was too late, a criminal dereliction of Presidential duties that added 40,000 to the death toll of Trump’s very own American Carnage.

But carnage suddenly seems to be a big turn-on for the President who, in a stunningly disgusting display (again, even for him!), opened up on what can only be considered “inside thoughts,” never, ever to be shared with even one other person, never mind the nation he leads, when he gleefully recalled watching the video of Barr’s Charge when soldiers brutally attacked peaceful unarmed civilians, like (!) “a knife cutting butter” before absolutely glowing with uncharacteristic joy as he he gushed “It’s not supposed to be a beautiful scene, but to me it was,” leaving stunned observers wondering if he just had an orgasm in his Depends during his rapturous reverie. 

But Trump was not finished slapping Black America across its face. No, he was determined to rub salt into the wounds he helped inflict when he announced that his first live campaign rally since the pandemic began would not only he be held on Juneteenth, the June 19th commemoration of the last slaves to be informed of their own emancipation in Texas in 1865, but to add insult to injury, he is holding it in Tulsa Oklahoma, where Juneteenth marks the anniversary of one of the worst White-on-Black genocide attacks in history, the future-changing total eradication of the country’s most prosperous Black community called Black Wall Street, that not only took an estimated 200 lives, but destroyed 1,000 buildings and doomed any chance of a prosperous economic future for all Black Americans.

Given what is happening at this moment in America, the timing and location of this rally is as perfect for Trump as it is unacceptable to the rest of America, as stinging a slap to all that is good in decent as can be imagined. Or at least until Trump comes up with something even worse (count on it).

You know, things like insisting that his nominating convention (now scheduled for Jacksonville, Florida in August) be held with no face masks or social distancing just to show this virus who’s boss, but at the same time requiring all attendees to sign a waiver promising they won’t sue the Trump Campaign if they contract Covid–19 as a result of their attendance.

The kicker here is that the Jacksonville convention will be held on August 27, the 60th anniversary of “Ax Handle Saturday,” a Ku Klux Klan attack on mostly black protesters staging a sit-in at one of that city’s Whites-only lunch counters, an iconic Civil Rights Movement event that Trump will gleefully crap all over as he asks “where ‘s my African American?” (hopefully not being choked to death by Campaign Security)

Or the fact that Trump’s still-thriving Concentration Camps are finally getting their uncounted detainees tested for the virus, while refusing to release any information on how many children, adults or prison staff got sick or died of Covid-19 in Trump’s Gulag.

Is it any wonder that the Smithsonian Institute has begun collecting and archiving the protest signs and artwork adorning bunkerboy’s White House wall? The Smithsonian is called America’s attic, and it enshrines American cultural artifacts reflective of every Era and major event in our history, both good and bad. Someday when students are studying the Rise & Fall of Donald Trump, they can visit the sub-sub-basement of the great institution to sample the rage and incredulity inspired by our most toxic president.

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