Quote of the Week: “Buy Greenland? Are you out of your frickin’ mind?” – said by the entire population of Planet Earth on Thursday. 

Leave it to Trump to end the week with a jaw-dropping revelation to distract the world from yet another week of insane incompetence and racist provocation, and the sensational jail suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the high profile pedophile who was once Trump’s pal.

He began the week on Friday by abandoning any real gun reform before all the bodies of 2 horrific mass shootings from the previous week were buried, mumbling vague things like “Intelligent background checks” and “the NRA’s gun-strong opinion will be respected by the White House and Congress.” In other words… “duck!”

Then he decided that filmmakers in Hollywood, a very ethnically diverse and tolerant community, “are the real racists,” along with the prominent Civil Rights leaders he has been attacking regularly. You know, just in case people thought it might be Trump who is the racist, just to clear that right up, thankyouverymuch.

That was also the day Trump received another “beautiful letter” from his chubby little Boy Toy lover, the murderous tyrant Kim John Un, which included “a small apology” for North Korea firing so many ballistic missiles on a regular basis and scaring the crap out of every Asia Pacific country, and the day Kim fired off two more of them, surely a cry for help.

On Saturday the Environmental Protection Agency made the announcement that it had ”exceeded its goals” in cutting back environmental regulations during the first two years of the Trump administration, paving the way for Patriotic Polluters to have their way with our environment, and then Christopher Krebs, the Department of Homeland Security’s top Cyber Security official, warned us that every State in the Union desperately needs to have paper ballots for the 2020 election to ward off the continuing widespread Russian interference with American elections, interference that neither President Trump nor Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell is willing to stop. After all, why bite the hand that feeds them?

These two blockbuster scandals were, of course, lost in the deafening uproar surrounding Jeffery Epstein’s shocking suicide while in Federal custody on Saturday morning while awaiting trial on child sex-trafficking charges. There were (and still are) all kinds of accusations that Epstein’s child-sex ring reached into the halls of power and influential corporate boardrooms on 2 continents, with dozens of photographs surfacing of Trump and Epstein together surrounded by young girls dressed as women, and reports of the constant repetition to the blondes among them of Trump’s ultimate compliment, telling them how much they resembled his beautiful daughter Ivanka.

The Department of Justice promised an investigation into the circumstances of Epstein’s death in order to quell the rampant rumors, such as the one Trump promoted on Twitter that implied the Clintons had Epstein killed, a position Trump would later defend by saying (without a shred of proof) that “Bill Clinton has been to Epstein’s private island many times. I wonder why,” adding gasoline to the fire, hoping the smoke would obscure his own well-publicized friendship with Epstein, as well as the inconvenient existence of that other convicted pedophile who continues to have unfettered access to White House insiders, George Nader. 

On Sunday it was all “let’s starve the children of legal immigrants to death” when Trump announced that people who are living and working in this country legally, and are subject to our laws, taxes and public policy, are somehow not entitled to the same rights and legal protections as everyone else in America when he threatened their paths to a Green Card and American Citizenship if they ever availed themselves of any social service like Food Stamps or Medicaid. His Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli, then elaborated on the theme by trying to amend the immortal Emma Lazarus poem etched on a plaque at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, replacing the lines “give me your tired, your poor,” with “let’s have a look at your stock portfolio, Old Sport!”

The administration is seeking to change immigration rules with a “wealth test,” forgetting that it is not the wealthy who leave their countries, but the huddled masses that immigrated here to build and run this country, and who in the process have become America. 

Not content with endangering Latinos living in America, on Monday the Trump Administration weakened the Endangered Species Act (see above: Patriotic Polluters). Goodbye, Grizzly Bears & Bald Eagles, hello Fracking & Fossil Fuels! Almost immediately 29 States filed a lawsuit to protect our natural heritage. You know, those foolhardy proponents of cancer-causing windmills!

Trump got to pose with the first lady holding a Mexican-American baby on Monday, and gave us his best smiling happy face and thumbs-up pose, pure public relations gold, no doubt destined to be a joyful souvenir for the lucky child someday. Only problem is, the baby was orphaned when both his parents were shot dead in the El Paso shooting, so maybe the thumb’s-up happy face wasn’t the way to go, no more than was his preening and grinning to grievously wounded people before regaling them with stories of his crowd size being bigger than Beto O’Rourke’s crowd size. Surely such profound empathy and those uplifting crowd size anecdotes will speed their healing. After all, didn’t Attorney General Barr just insist on fast-tracking the death penalty for mass shooters? That’ll help!

Tuesday, Trump delayed his latest round of tariffs on Chinese goods after a huge uproar from the business community and wealthy political donors, ostensibly until after retail stores are stocked up for the Holiday Season (you do not want to fuck with the People of Walmart at Christmastime! Just ask the many ghosts of trampled Black Friday greeters.). World markets are reeling and realigning as the direct result of Trump’s trade wars, American agriculture is experiencing a catastrophe that is not weather-related, Germany and other First World nations are headed for a recession, and Wall Street is performing erratically.

To add an exclamation point, Wall Street had its worst day in years on Wednesday, plunging 800 points, giving fuel to those observers warning of a coming recession, but shrugged off by Trump, who assured his supporters that they are not affected by Wall Street, what with them working 3 part-time jobs for $15 an hour and being too broke to buy stocks and all, all at once dismissing reality and the true nature of Wall Street. That’s who handles their town’s Municipal Bonds, their State’s Schools, Highways, Waterways and Infrastructure funds, their employer’s available capital, their pension plans and 401K accounts, their insurance and their own personal lines of credit.

The entire American Financial Industry, the huge and dynamic industry that funds, invests and sells stock in every single other industry, is what Wall Street really is, for all you follow-the-money fusspots, affecting the fortunes of every American and the perfect mirror of our economy. Right now the image in that mirror looks pretty edgy and stressed, badly in need of a good night’s sleep, a hot bath and a shave.

On Thursday Trump had 2 Democratic United States Representatives banned from visiting Israel over his political differences with them, one of them who wished to visit her 90-year old grandmother, directly involving the government of a foreign country in American domestic politics (old habits…) by having them endorse one of his his vicious political vendettas. 

Then, as has been his habit since beginning his reelection campaign the day after his inauguration, Trump capped off the week with a MAGA rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday night, where he broke the 12,000 mark for documented lies told as President (Winning!).

He took credit for several energy projects begun during the Obama Administration, for his “getting it done” with a law benefitting Veterans healthcare (an update of a 2014 “Obama law”), lied about Obama “giving Iran $150 billion in cash,” revisited his idiotic tirades against cancer-causing, bird-killing and property value-destroying wind turbines, then singled out a protester with the insult (!!) “That guy’s got a serious weight problem! Get some exercise.” Except the guy he singled out wasn’t a protestor, just some fat guy who happened to be there to support Trump. These things happen…

Then came “Let’s buy Greenland from Denmark” and all the above chaos and insanity went away just like that, swallowed up by the sublime insanity of The President of The United States wanting to buy Greenland and assigning government personnel to make the requisite inquiries (turns out it’s an autonomous nation within the Kingdom of Denmark, most definitely not for sale, nor is it very suitable for building golf resorts either.), leaving the rest of us no choice but to go to Wikipedia to look up which Peter Sellers movie had this plot.

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