“Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!” was this week’s dominant quote, a cheer led by Trump, then later refuted by Trump, lying about what everyone just watched on TV.

Week #131 of the Trump Era is when the gloves came off on Trump’s racism, leaving no doubt about his personal racism, or what kind of Americans he was relying on to give him a second term as their President, the bottom 19% of the country that fell for his line of shit in 2016, Trump’s beloved “poorly educated.” 

The fact that he has been aggressively working against their interests from Day One of his presidency does not register with Trump supporters, who seem content to blame their misery on the fruit pickers, gays and Democrats they have somehow been convinced have been conspiring to turn America into a Latino Socialist gay bar. To much of his loyal base, Trump made racism cool again, and they are determined to keep it that way, especially after their budget-busting investments in Swastika tattoos, Confederate Flags and opioids.

The week began on Friday when Secretary of Labor Acosta inevitably resigned, having been praised one too many times by Trump to remain in office. His continued presence in Washington would only be a further reminder of both Acosta’s and Trump’s involvement with Jefferey Epstein’s sensational sex trafficking crimes dominating the headlines lately.

The media treated the American public to all kinds of archival video footage and photographs of Trump and Epstein cavorting with children dressed up as adults for their entertainment, interviews where a younger Trump praised Epstein, and bragged to television hosts about his love of beautiful young women, and what an incredibly predatory horse’s ass he has been all his life. In every instance, Trump comes off as the asshole’s asshole, not just by “today’s new standards” but even by the misogynist norms of the late 20th Century. Clearly Acosta had to go, and so did the media focus on Federal child sex trafficking charges being used in the same sentence as the President of The United States. Distraction time.

So this was a good weekend to announce he would commence the mass roundups of allegedly undocumented families in 10 cities, all of whose leaders are Democrats, unleashing his squads of ICE Agents a day earlier than announced in order to “surprise” these unsuspecting refugee families of desperadoes and their dangerous toddlers, allegedly to “deport them immediately,” but in reality the law requires them to be detained and adjudicated first, code for an indeterminate stay in some rich guy’s filthy and overcrowded private prison camp while their children are abducted and imprisoned separately, while the Feds pay $775 per day of our tax money to these corporate scavengers for each prisoner of any age. Small wonder the legal limit of 72 hours of being held without an appearance before a judge is routinely violated to the tune of weeks stretching into months of imprisonment, with many refugees going unbathed and underfed in overcrowded and unsanitary holding pens that no Health Department would approve for animals.

Attorney General William Barr, after recusing himself from the Epstein case because he used to represent Epstein in his private practice, then rapidiy un-recusing himself after Trump threw a tantrum and compared him to Jeff Sessions, recused himself from the criminal investigation into Boeing and their fatally flawed Max 737 Jet because he used to represent Boeing in his private practice, and stayed recused from that one since it doesn’t directly impact the President. Makes sense if you’re drunk, one supposes. Or stupid.

Then Trump floated the idea of appointing a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist with no experience in either government or any intelligence agency to be his new (!!) Director of National Security, leaving the rest of the world scrambling to look up if that was once the plot of an obscure Peter Sellers’ movie.

On Saturday, Vice President Pence made a TV commercial for Concentration Camps when he visited several refugee detention facilities with Senator Lindsey Graham (who later expressed an almost sexually perverse joy in the tormented suffering of some of the captives), and it was hard to tell if Pence came away shaken or unperturbed by the experience, since his blank facial expression never changed whether he was observing a few families being housed together, or 400 filthy men penned in a cage meant to accommodate 35 people. It was almost as if there was an unescorted woman present that Mother didn’t know about, and Mike didn’t quite know how to react.

On Sunday was when Trump dispensed with the racial code words and openly proclaimed his racism to the world in a vicious Tweet attacking 4 freshmen Congresswomen he nicknamed “The Squad,” culminating in that most American of racial insults, “Go back where you came from!” Only trouble is, 3 out of 4 of them come from the USA and the 4th has been a Naturalized American Citizen longer than the First Lady of the United States.

This of course unleashed a global firestorm of outrage against Trump, all at once distracting attention from his his concentration camps and his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, and setting the tone for his 2020 campaign for reelection, betting that making this election a referendum on racism will once again be the winning formula (along with a plenty of help from Russia, who he has already invited to provide him dirt on his potential opponents). 

On Monday Trump of course doubled down on his racist rants against the Representatives, saying “So many people are angry at them & their horrible & disgusting actions!”  (translation: I am angry at them for not fearing me and shutting up). He also doubled down on his ignorance of their national origins with this: “They originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world.” Or it could be said that this is his most accurate statement, since in 3 out of 4 cases he would be describing his own “Scandal-An-Hour” government.

Such were the intensity of Trump’s attacks on these duly-elected members of the American government, that there have been numerous credible death threats against these Representatives, with one man already in a New York jail for trying to act on Trump’s words and kill a young woman for doing her job.

Also on Monday, Trump ordered Kellyanne Conway to defy a Congressional subpoena, and one his his Very Fine Nazis from Charlottesville got sentenced to Life Plus 419 Years for murder and attempted murder. Later that day we learned that another erstwhile Trump favorite, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, had turned the Ecuadorian Embassy in London into an Election Hacking Command Center in 2016 with the help of Russian covert operatives (7 embassy meetings with Assange culminating in the installation of advanced spyware) and mercenary German “high end hackers,” delivering the damaging goods in the form of stolen DNC emails to the Trump Campaign.

On Tuesday the House of Representatives voted to condemn President Trump for his racist campaign against members of that House, to which Trump responded that criticizing him was (!) the same as attacking the flag and country. 

He also presided over a gathering of his cabinet, the people charged with running his government, where he told them a series of incredibly stupid and crazy lies that all of them knew were incredibly stupid and crazy lies that should be fed only to the dupes at his rallies, but didn’t say anything to contradict their Incredibly Stupid and Crazy Liar in Chief since they like their jobs and want to continue dismantling their respective agencies.

Undisputed by the people in charge of our government was the lie that it was the governments of Central American countries who form the refugee caravans in order to rid themselves of criminals, even though our own government has studied this and reported to the president that no, that is not the case. Trump just sounds so much more comfortable announcing that someone or something is being very unfair to him, so they let it go.

He also made some math booboos when he stated that only 2% of asylum seekers who are released on their own recognize return for for their court dates when the actual figure is 90%, and claimed that Ports of Entry prevent drugs and human traffickers from entering the USA, even though Ports of Entry are where 90% of illegal drugs were shipped according to this own Drug Enforcement Agency, and where most of the human trafficking occurs.

He also claimed that all Democrats want “open borders” when in fact none of them do, then took credit for the opening of a Liquid Natural Gas plant in Louisiana that every member of his cabinet knew was the work of Trump’s predecessor, President Obama, but again thought it prudent to say nothing.

Trump also told them he was getting the remains of our Korean War dead shipped home from North Korea when in fact no remains have been forwarded since the initial few bodies were returned as part of a public relations campaign that is long over, then falsely claimed that, because of him alone, more cars will be built in the USA, that he is building his wall, when in fact zero miles of new wall have been built since Trump became president, and then went on to make claims about women’s unemployment, the farmers devastated by his Chinese tariffs, the growing trade deficit with China and the silly fairy tale about Obama paying Iran billions in cash from the US Treasury, all insane lies that every cabinet member knew were false, and every one of them ignored, a contemptible act of cowardice and dereliction of their sworn duty.

And speaking of contemptible Trump Cabinet Members, on Wednesday both William Barr and Wilbur Ross were cited for Contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate in the botched handling of the 2020 Census Form with its clumsy citizenship question designed only to facilitate Republican gerrymandering. 

In more bad news for Trump, a judge ordered the release of documents detailing Michael Cohen’s hush money payments to Stormy Daniels that show that Trump himself was deeply involved in the process and so was his personal assistant Hope Hicks, who has already denied any knowledge of this under oath, opening Ms. Hicks up to potential perjury charges.

There were also a couple of bits of good news for Trump on Wednesday, first that the release of the damaging Cohen files signals that Barr is quietly shutting down Federal investigations of Trump and his family by the Southern District of New York, and a bill of impeachment fizzled in the House of Representatives, prompting him to call any attempts to impeach his lying criminal ass as “crazy” and “an attack on America.”

This set the stage perfectly for his North Carolina rally on Wednesday night, originally scheduled to compete for TV ratings with Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony, which has been postponed until July 24, when he not only said “my critics seek this nation’s destruction,” but rekindled his racist feud with The Squad, again inviting them to “go back where they came from,” culminating in his crowd chanting “Send Her Back!” over and over again while he basked in the glory of the only place he feels at home, at the dais of a rally with the poorly educated chanting hateful slogans about their fellow Americans at his prompting.

Of course the entire world was enraged all over again, and on Thursday, after “punishing“ Turkey for purchasing Russian missiles by refusing to honor a contract to sell that nation US stealth fighters (once again handling a delicate diplomatic matter in public while alienating an important ally), then boasting of the US Navy shooting down an Iranian drone before announcing he was sending 500 troops to Saudi Arabia as a warning to Iran and 1,200 soldiers to the Mexican Border as a warning to America, Trump was forced to confront the universal condemnation of him leading a racist chant at his rally.

The solution of course, came to this stable genius easily: Just lie about it. Even though the whole thing was on videotape, he lied his ass off, claiming he tried to “cut off the chant,” by resuming his speech “very quickly” when in fact he waited 15 seconds to soak it all in approvingly, an eternity for Trump to be silent.

Then he threw his loyal followers under the bus, with “they said it, not me,” and trying to convince anyone who would listen that he “doesn’t agree” with the thing he told them to say. Naturally, the only ones who believed him are the ones with bus tire impressions on their faces.

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