At we take very seriously this whole matter of linking to other websites. After all, we wouldn’t want to send you to just any old website. Every link you see on this page has been certified by Bob himself so that should be all the credibility you need.

Isreal Gripka
Listen to Israel Nash Gripka and his great Americana songs. And after you’ve bought all the songs on, buy some of his. He’s from Missouri and he’s going to show you. This guy is the real deal. He lives in Manhattan now so watch out for his live shows too.

The Tash Brothers
These guys have been around for a while. A great bunch of musicians they are. I should know becuase I played with them on and off for decades. Here is their mypace web page.

Gary Kroman
Illustrator and artist extraordinaire, Gary Kroman is an amazing talent. His unique illustration style is the result of years of experience and dedication to his craft. Please visit his two websites, and his outrageous clipart download website,
Who likes great outdoor photography? Check out the work of John Kieffer, who wrote the book on this sort of thing (like 5 of them). He just happens to be my brother-in-law so buy some of his work to beautify your hovel. Unless of course you are the kind of person who wants my sister and her daughters to starve and get turned out into the cold Colorado streets to become Rocky Mountain bag ladies. In that case, just buy my songs and short stories and all is forgiven.


What home is complete without carnivorous plants? You tell me! Those pesky flies, mosquitoes and icky crawly things that make their way indoors will find themselves permanent guests of your Venus Fly Trap and other exotic and beautiful plants at the site for carnivorous plants and all your home gardening needs. It’s also great fun for those of you with a slight sadistic streak! This is my son Rob’s flagship website, one of many he operates to sell you neat stuff you just don’t find anywhere else. Check out his exotic orchids and violet links too. And at Christmas time, where else are you going to find the perfect poinsettia or that mistletoe, underneath which you can corner your sweetie for a big wet one? Or you can go to his live lizards, snakes and turtles website and order your very own slimy creature. Nothing says love like a Sumatran Tree Frog. Go here and follow the links to gardening and lizarding nirvana: bugbiting

The Economic Adviser
Finally a financial website I can relate to, one owned and edited by a hot blonde babe, Stacey Derbinshire. About time! Those nerdy geeks and smug tubbies were starting to get on my nerves.

Steve Bluestein
He’s a Hollywood funny guy and now an author of hilarious books. Check him out here:

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