Laughing Mona LisaGuy follows a chicken across the road, then walks into a bar and says “Knock-knock!” Bartender asks if he’s here to help change the lightbulb or tell ‘What’s-The-Difference’ jokes. That’s right, folks, tell ’em if you got ’em, it’s


Not coincidentally, today is also Canada Day, a day which is not really their National Day, but sort of important to Canadians even if they’re not sure why. So feel free to joke about Canadians today too, just lay off the irony for their sake.

Everyone has favorite jokes they tell often, just ask anyone you know. We all fall in love with jokes as soon as we can speak, and never fall out of love with laughing at the world and ourselves. If a good day is when you learn something new, a great day is when you hear a new joke, one more for the archives.

So tell us your best ones today, and don’t be shy about laughing at your own jokes, they’re friggin’ hilarious.

•Suggested Activities: Road crossing, door-knocking, walking into bars with clergymen.

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