US MarinesTen-hut! Look sharp, because today we honor the branch of our military with the coolest uniforms, the United States Marines Dress Blues, on


Created on July 11, 1798 by an Act of Congress, the United States Marine Corps has always done America proud, so often first into the fight, distinguishing themselves in every conflict in American history. Their exploits in battle are the stuff of heroic legend, tale after tale of selfless valor.

Real Marines are real people, ordinary men and women capable of extraordinary things, always superbly trained, disciplined and prepared. A branch of the U.S. Navy, the Marines are a fighting force designed to project military power very rapidly and decisively, our seaborne foot soldiers and first responders in any crisis.

They are proud, honorable, highly skilled, courageous and just a little bit crazy, an intimidating edge which has served them well for over 2 centuries.

Marines love being Marines, and consider themselves Marines for life, proud Jarheads or Leathernecks, unashamed to express their love for their fellow Marines, old or young. Their motto, “Semper Fidelis” (Semper Fi! in Marinespeak), is Latin for “always loyal.” They live up to their word, and are a credit to the country they are prepared to defend with their lives. Happy 226th Birthday, Marines.

•Suggested activities: Finding the Halls of Montezuma on a map. They did.

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