moonshineWhite Lightning is an American institution dating back to the years following the Revolution, when Congress imposed a Whiskey Tax to pay for the war debt, inspiring thousands of Americans to distill their own whiskey and stiff Uncle Sam for the taxes, making today


The Whiskey Tax led directly to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 to 1794, when President Washington himself led an army of 13,000 to suppress an armed rebellion in Pennsylvania. The government won, but the making of Moonshine wasn’t eradicated, it just went underground, and has stayed there ever since.

Yes, there are still moonshiners, and not all of them the marble-mouthed illiterates with more tattoos than teeth that you see on Reality TV Shows. Thankfully for those TV guys, the ingredient list is short, just corn, sugar, water and yeast, and the process is a simple one; cooking the whole mess and siphoning off the evaporating booze through a copper tube.

The result is a clear overproof whiskey that will roll your eyeballs around in their sockets and blow steam out of both ears the first time you taste it. Every other time too.

Call it Moonshine, White Lightning, Tennessee White Whiskey, Corn Liquor, Catdaddy, Hooch, Rotgut, Mule Kick, Happy Sally or Hillbilly Pop, it all tastes the same, like a radioactive liquid inferno. Proceed at your own risk.

•Suggested Activities: Nonchalantly peeling yourself off the floor.

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