steve-jobsHere’s one for the Geeks,  whose time has finally come after 5,000 years of recorded history, during which it was the Geeks who invented everything that made history possible, and Kings that got the credit, so today we celebrate the Holy Grail for Geeks,


Even though they are as common as the wristwatches they replaced once were, the iPhone is only 17 years old today.

Since introducing the iPhone on June 29, 2007, grownup Boy Genius Steve Jobs became world famous for the second time, then invented the iPad, reinvented both several times, got sick with cancer, shopped for new organs, then died fairly young, just 56 in 2011, and at the height of his creative powers.

In the process he reestablished his company as the most innovative and dynamic in the industry, his only raw material being good ideas. He chose to die in public, appearing in Apple advertisements and interviews as he wasted away, visibly suffering but raising awareness of his disease, Metasatic Insulinoma.

That’s a lot of drama and cultural transformation in 4 years. Too bad Steve couldn’t have as many incarnations as his revolutionary iPhones.

They are on their 15th “generation,” with over a billion phones sold, so it’s no wonder it seems like they’ve been around longer. Basically, iPhones are better than other phones and can do more things besides make phone calls than other phones can and, to many people, life as we know it would be unthinkable without their iPhones.

That’s why we celebrate iPhone Day for something that will be obsolete as soon as they can figure out a plausible sounding reason for you to buy the iPhone 16 (you tell us the difference, most of us cannot). If that bothers you, there’s an App for that too.

Steve Jobs: inventor, genius, billionaire, mock-turtleneck wearer, public cancer sufferer, cultural icon, Master Marketer.

•Suggested Activities: Leveling your coffee table with your old Cranberry.

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