size-first-american-flagIt was 247 years ago today, June 14, 1777, and our Revolution wasn’t going well. The British Empire was pretty much kicking Colonial butt and chasing the Continental Army across 3 New England Colonies. It didn’t look good for the rebels.

Enter Betsy Ross with her 13 stars, 13 stripes and her red, white and blue canvas, adopted by the United States of America on

                                                                               FLAG DAY!

America now had its own flag flying over all 13 former colonies, a national symbol of freedom and unity that made partners of former Colonial rivals. The idea was one flag, one people, and it seemed to catch on. Betsy’s flag gave them common cause, and men were no longer Virginians or Pennsylvanians, they were Americans.

Next thing you know, General Washington’s troops started winning battles, the French Empire entered the fray, and the mighty British Empire was defeated. There were a few other details, sure, but basically we owe it all to that little upholsterer, Betsy Ross of Philadelphia.

Suggested Activities: Three cheers.

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