Superman is Clark KentEmploying the cleverest of disguises, horn-rimmed glasses and mild manners, Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent always seems to disappear whenever there’s a big story to report, so let’s leave him out of


The Man of Steel has been patrolling the skies since 1938, when DC Comics unveiled the creation of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the first Superman Comic.

Possessed of superhuman strength, the ability to fly and see through women’s clothes, Superman was an alien baby rocketed to Earth while his home planet of Krypton exploded.

Lucky thing for humanity he was found and raised by kindly and moral farmers Jonathan and Rebecca Kent and not some psycho dysfunctional rednecks, or his mission in life might have been making our lives miserable instead rescuing us from one calamity after another.

By now, you’d think the guy would be tired of saving a world whose inhabitants seem hell-bent on trashing the place and settle down with Lois Lane already, but that’s the business he chose. It’s a dirty job, but the hours aren’t bad.

•Suggested Activities: Differentiating between a bird, a plane and a flying weightlifter.

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