We’re all suckers for the white outfit with the pointy cap and jaunty cape. Even if they don’t dress that way anymore, we still adore every last one of them in their pastel scrubs and white walking shoes on


There’s not a soul in this country who has not been helped by a nurse, from our first desperate gulps of air though our first vaccinations, scrapes and bruises.

There will be a nurse doing most of the heavy lifting through every doctor visit, every trip to the Emergency Room, every hospital stay and every other thing that happens to us for the rest of our lives. A nurse will always be there, and always know exactly what they’re doing, and are always nice people.

They are a remarkable species of human being, superbly trained medical professionals whose best work is often on a personal level, a reassuring word or an encouraging touch that lets you know everything is going to be alright. Our skilled and compassionate nurses are a national treasure, and this is their day. Thank you.

•Suggested Activities: Hug a nurse, you’ll be in good hands

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