graves-fallen-soldiersIt was never their idea to start shooting at anyone, they never started a single war. They finished every one of them, though, and too many paid with their lives. It is those who gave everything that we remember on this


Today is about remembering our fallen soldiers, mostly very young men killed in old men’s wars; our brothers, fathers, sons and friends, dead too soon, many of them buried in faraway places.

They were our heroes, every one, lost in wars not of their own making, defending what others had put in jeopardy; their homes, their families, their way of life. They did their very best and performed courageously, honorably and selflessly, saving others as they perished.

There are places where their clean white headstones stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction, each grave a deep and wide ocean of dreams never realized, lives unlived, stories untold.

Just one such death is a tragedy whose ripples affect the whole world. Let us create no more heroes to mourn.

•Suggested Activities: Remembering that smile, and honoring those dreams.

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