RetroWaitressEveryone alive has a favorite waitress, one above all the rest, so let this be her day,


They’re hostesses, jugglers, hustlers, psychologists, organizers, fast on their feet and damned good at their jobs. They’re also the only people who can pull off calling everybody “Hon” and having it feel so right.

A good waitress is as important as the food, maybe more so. The best ones leave you feeling like you just dined at The Ritz instead of the local luncheonette.

These are special women, the kind that know how to take care of people, put us at ease, and make sure everything is just right, no matter how they might be feeling themselves.

Waitresses are always interesting people with eventful lives, well worth knowing. They know firsthand that everyone’s life is full of hard knocks, but for the short time you are in her care, it’s all peaches and cream, and you leave them feeling better about everything.

•Suggested Activities: Doubling her tip today, she’s worth it, and searching for waitress songs (there are 3).

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