WorkersIt was May 1, 1884 when the proclamation demanding the 8 Hour Work Day was issued by the American Federation of Labor, making today


The Labor Movement was young in the 1880s, and too many American workers were still underpaid, overworked and expendable while toiling under dangerous conditions to amass historic fortunes for the Robber Barons.

Behind them were the beginnings of a movement, ahead lie the bloody Labor Wars.

The men and women of the AFL would be on the front lines of every strike, every battle, and every election campaign for decades, making the voice of the people felt far and wide.

It would be 50 years before an American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, would make the American workers’ cause his own, and their demands for equality and decency became the law of the land.

May Day has been celebrated in a thousand ways for a thousand years, but today we salute one another, the workers who build and run this country, and who have been doing so for a very long time. High five, brothers and sisters!

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