Beer in mugsBeing that yesterday was New Beers Eve, it should come as no shock that today is


On April 7, 1933, Prohibition came to a merciful halt after 13 years of legal sanctimony and illegal drinking.

Once again America was Beer Nation, packing away the suds for a nickel a pint; Lagers, Pilsners, lights, darks or ales. A random sampling of America’s most popular domestic beers tells us we’re not all that picky when it comes to our suds, asking only that it is ice cold and plentiful.

Sure, we buy plenty of the expensive imports, the ones that actually taste like beer, but when it’s time for serious beering, we consume massive amounts of whatever is cheapest and coldest.

What goes well with pizza? Beer. The perfect complement to a sizzling steak? The golden amber! What chases down a shot of your favorite firewater? Do the math. You know it, you love it, it gives you gas.

Because, beer.

•Suggested Activities: Carb loading, elbow curls

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