dancerIf there’s one thing better than a woman, it’s a woman who’s dancing. Well, guess what, fellas? The ladies think the same about you, so you’d best learn how to shake your moneymaker on


Dancing is as old as mankind, and before the Bolshoi Ballet and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, there was the drum, a chant and a fire, and people moving their bodies to the beat for all they were worth.

From there it took off, and before you could say Bossa Nova, people were Waltzing, Fox Trotting, Square Dancing and doing the Minuet, the Polka, the Charleston, the Peppermint Twist, the Electric Slide, the Flamenco and the Harlem Shake.

The melody frees our souls and the beat frees our bodies, whether it’s a spellbinding performance by professional dancers, dancing a slow one with your baby, or an all out boogaloo on the dance floor. Remember, it takes two to Tango but only one to get the party started.

•Suggested Activities: Dancing like nothing else matters.

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