tweetingHere’s a holiday almost no one is celebrating,


The idea is to shut off the cell phones, iPods, tablets, Kindles, PCs and what-have-yous that hooks you into the World Wide Web in seconds.

The calendar says 2023, not 1969, and unplugging is not an option at this point.

In an age when 2 year-olds master iPads and smart phones, the handwriting is on the screen that we’re not going back to nature any time soon.

Thanks to a score of inventors that a tech-hungry public turned into boy billionaires, the rapid march of digital technology has a life of its own, and the Information Age has changed the world forever. We’re all plugged in, powered-up and connected, the whole world of knowledge at our fingertips, uncounted millions of people potentially within our reach.

Like any other blessing, it takes as it gives, and traditional human interaction is waning. It wouldn’t kill us to spend more time away from our devices, either alone or enjoying the company of others. Maybe even doing stuff. This way we’ll have something interesting to Tweet for a change.

•Suggested Activities: Searching for a Wifi signal in Yellowstone, or forcing some random kid to have a game of catch with you.

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