weeds-00Dude, I thought this was supposed to be about dandelions?

But is says weed, man, weed!

No dude, not that kinda weed, this ain’t 4/20. You know… weeds!

Exactly, man… weed!

Ever since NORML got busy with its Legalize Marijuana campaign and reefer-as-medicine schtick, misunderstanding has been the order of the day on


While cannabis sativa might be the most fun weed on the planet, it’s certainly not the only one beneficial to man.

Weeds get a bad rap, and people spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about them, poisoning them and yanking them out of their precious gardens by the root as if they were little land mines. But where would we be without Dill Weed? Our pickles would taste like crap is where.

Without Mary Jane’s non-intoxicating cousin, Hemp, ancient mariners couldn’t have tied sails to their ships with hemp rope and would have never discovered Sicily, never mind the New World.

And Mustard is a weed, for Pete’s sake, whose absence would have rendered the wild hot dogs indigenous to the New World bland and unappealing, which in turn would have soured Babe Ruth on the baseball experience, altering sports history as well.

What about a thousand poems and works of art minus Dandelions? Unthinkable. We need our weeds, and are proud to cherish growing things so spirited that they thrive in the cracks of sidewalks.

•Suggested Activities: Growin’ your own.

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