TulipsTis Spring, ’tis Spring, the bird is on the wing!

Absurd, absurd, the wing is on the bird!

The first day of Spring is as good a day as any for nonsense verse. It’s


Never is Spring sweeter than after a cruel Winter, and lately our winters have been meaner than Simon Cowell to weepy teenagers.

Even if the temperature isn’t cooperating at the moment, it’s only a matter of days before the world turns green and warm, and the smiles return to our faces.

We’ve survived Mother Nature’s worst and came out the other side stronger, now, as of  5:24 PM today, we collect our reward. Plants and trees will be budding, warm breezes caressing us, and women replacing their bulky parkas with their finest finery.

Soon there will be flowers again! So, dance your Snoopy Dance, sing your songs of joy and wonder, and breathe deep of the intoxicating air, it’s Vernal Equinox time. Here comes the sun!

•Suggested Activities: The traditional Burning of The Snow Shovels.

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