NAMABG-Caligula_1The name on his driver’s license was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, but his street name was Latin for “Little Boots,” and he was one those bloodthirsty psychotic maniacs we like to celebrate on days like


Elevated to Emperor of Rome on March 18, 37AD at just age 24, Caligula actually did regular emperor stuff like building monuments, conquering new territory, reforming corruption in Rome and implementing road and infrastructure improvements, but it was the supreme craycray for which we remember Caligula most.

You know, things like sleeping with his sister, appointing his horse a Senator, murdering most of his family and building himself a floating pleasure palace while Romans starved.

Perhaps his biggest flaw was the failure to learn the lessons of messing with the Roman Senate that his namesake and predecessor Julius Caesar learned the hard way. He arrested Senators and had a few killed and, at age 28, Caligula also wound up sliced and diced on the floor of the Senate, this time by his own Praetorian Guard.

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