donald duckThe best part about him is that you could only understand about every seventh or eighth word he said, and he was still hilarious. Let’s sqbzzt byzltxgth on this


Vain, ignorant, irritable and prone to tantrums, Donald Duck was still one of Walt Disney’s most lovable cartoon characters.

Which is not too hard when the star of the show, Mickey Mouse, was a grinning simpleton with an equally clueless Goody Two-Shoes wife, a stick up his ass, one dog that talked, walked upright and wore clothes, and one that just barked, but was the smarter one.

Those characters were always earnestly trying to make everything rosy while Donald was making trouble and having a ball. When they called him on it he just cursed them in Duckese and stormed off to find some more ways to wipe the dopey grins off their faces. He kept company with Daisy, a painted duck with no obvious means of support, and their 3 “nephews.”

His Uncles were raving lunatics too, and none of them ever wore pants. Hats, jackets and ties, no problem, but pants? Taboo. It’s amazing how well-adjusted were Huey, Dewey and Louie, considering.

•Suggested Activities: Quacking up.


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