lighthouseWhether or not they come true is beside the point. They are yours and yours alone, and cannot be taken from you, especially on


People dream.

No, not the kind where you’re at the train station in your underwear, but the waking kind of dreams, our plans and hopes and, for lack of a better word, our dreams.

People dream big, people dream small. We dream both practical dreams and wild fantasies, and every kind of dream in between. We dream because we can’t help ourselves, our minds just wander sometimes.

What if?… I wish! The seeds of dreams.

There are personal dreams of love and happiness, of riches, adventure, freedom, acceptance and fulfillment, or similar dreams for our children’s futures.

Then there are the universal dreams; peace and harmony for everyone, an end of disease, hunger, poverty and war, and a world where we celebrate one another instead of attacking our brothers and sisters, where cooperation replaces conflict and kindness replaces provocation, a world without hate.

These are tall orders, huge, impossible dreams. But why not?  They’re your dreams and you get to say what’s in them. Might as well dream big. They’re free, you know.

•Suggested Activities:  Closing your eyes and seeing.

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