Old RadioMaybe video killed the radio star, but no invention has yet to replace radio itself, so today we mark


This is not a celebration of Marconi, Faraday, Hertz, Orsted, Ampere, Henry, Maxwell, Stubblefield or Popov, all of whom seem to have a claim on inventing the radio, so let’s leave that stuff to the science pages and celebrate how radio has affected our lives.

At one time, before television, radio aired the popular dramas, variety and comedy shows of the national networks, the visual action taking place in the mind of the listener.

For most of us, however, radio means the music of our generation, delivered to our homes, cars and wherever we went, playing the soundtrack of our lives.

And when new music replaced your favorite sounds, there are Oldies stations keeping “your” music alive. And if you like classical music, or blues, standards, jazz, country, opera or polka, there are radio stations for that music too, over 15,300 radio stations in the United States alone.

Then there are the ballgames, news, traffic reports, educational shows and all kinds of talk shows to keep us company. Radio: your forever friend.

•Suggested Activities: Turn it on, turn it up!

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