PAULBUNYANANDBABE=DHis red and black plaid lumberjack shirt is a MacGregor Tartan, his giant bovine companion Babe is a gigantic Blue Ox, and he carries an axe the size of a Stop Sign. Must be


Like most things from Canada, the legend of Paul Bunyan is almost fascinating.

Okay, you’ve got this gigantic lumberjack with a giant ox, chopping down trees likes straw and piling them on Babe’s back, but… towards what end?

No dragons to slay, no fair maidens to rescue? No backstory at all, and no heroic quest to speak of but… chopping down more trees! That’s it?

Big Paulie didn’t even have plans to build himself a giant castle or raise a giant barn for Babe with all that lumber. Some myth.

And his “giant” stature has been claimed to be anywhere from 8 to 98 feet tall, the difference between Shaquille O’Neal, say, and Godzilla. Well, what is it, Canada?

Too busy sending your Cold Fronts southward to decide on Bunyan’s size, create an antagonist for him with more fight in him than a tree, or give him a damsel or two in distress to save? That’s not asking a lot of a legend.

•Suggested Activities: Claiming Paul Bunyan was born in your town.

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