ThreeGreys“ALIENS ABDUCT FAMOUS GENIUS IN BIG CITY” isn’t a headline we’re likely to see anytime soon. Doesn’t stop anyone from filling the airwaves with Space Alien shows of both the ancient and modern varieties, more or less forcing the rest of us to celebrate


Are there little green men flying around the earth in saucers and studying guys named Jim Bob?

Did a UFO really crash in Roswell, New Mexico and leave several injured and dying aliens and a slightly damaged space ship still locked away in Tippety Top Secret Area 51 in Nevada?

Who knows? More importantly, who wants to know? That would be like finding Sasquatch, all well and good for science, but a catastrophe for all those Finding Bigfoot TV shows. Same thing with alien visitors, we just don’t want to know.

There would go all our favorite fantasies, poof! Especially if ETs turn out to be the same sort of quarrelsome, self-absorbed dimwits we are, without a clue to the meaning of life.

If we actually met aliens and they had names like Butch and Wanda who were always bickering, trying to put one over on the other guy, blaming someone else for all their problems and being disappointed in their children, our dreams would be dashed.

It’s better we don’t know, and space aliens can still be wise and noble.

•Suggested Activities: Look to the skies, always look to the skies.

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