OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOld GlobeDid you notice that? The earth has slowed down its incessant spinning, and in the past century our day is 1.7 milliseconds longer than it used to be, requiring us to add a full second to June 30th a few years ago, one of those arcane facts we celebrate on


Maybe you feel grounded and secure, but that’s just a gravity-induced illusion as the planet upon which your butt is seated is tearing through space at over 67,000 miles per hour orbiting the sun.

Not only that, but Planet Earth is constantly rotating on its axis at a pretty good clip too, over 1,000 MPH.

“Then why isn’t our hair whipping around and loose objects flying all over the place, with everybody getting nauseous and dizzy from all that wicked spinning,” you ask incredulously? Good question, Skippy, and the answer is: “Just Because.”

Unless you’re one of those curious souls who believe in “Science,” of course, then you might factor in Gravity, Physics, Atmosphere, Centrifugal Force, Inertia, Lunar Attraction and the like, the kind of spoilsport who ruins magic shows by not keeping your eye on the birdie.

How much more complex they have made our lives, when they could have just accepted the Giant Turtle devouring the Sun and giving birth to the Moon every night!

Science: Ruining superstition for 3,000 years.

•Suggested Activities: Enjoying the ride.

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