thomas-paine-quotes-sayings-witty-brainy-principlesAlso called “Freethinker’s Day,” today we celebrate the man who pioneered political blogging, and remains one of the most influential freethinkers ever on


Free thought supports reason over faith, and rejects arbitrary authority, the very definition of the man.

Thomas Paine’s self-published pamphlet “Common Sense” (1776) kickstarted the American Revolution and his series of ensuing pamphlets and essays, collectively called “The American Crisis” (1776-1783), kept the revolutionary flame alive through 7 years of  bitter freedom fighting.

His books, “The Age of Reason” and “The Rights of Man,” spread liberation ideology globally, and were the beginning of the end for the decadent and rapacious royalty that have plagued mankind since civilization began. He basically said we can rule ourselves better and fairer.

Free thought and the resulting rebellions against entrenched monarchies represented nothing less than a great evolutionary leap for mankind, an evolution in critical thought previously reserved only for scientists, too many of whom suffered at the hands of ignorant fools for their pursuit of truth.

Paine had the intellect, clarity and courage to proclaim his ideas openly, as revolutionary an act as declaring the earth was not flat, with just as universal an influence.

His name belongs alongside history’s greatest scientists as well as its great political thinkers. He taught the world to question every assumption, and the questions have yet to cease.

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

•SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES: Damning kings, questioning authority, resisting tyranny, quoting Paine, beginning anew.

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