All we are saying (with bacon)Why this holiday doesn’t get an entire season is just the bad luck of falling so close to the Christmas/New Year juggernaut. If this day fell in that holiday-starved stretch of late winter it would be huge, as is only befitting


You know it, you love it, you devour every bit of it put in front of you.

It’s bacon, for crying out loud, Food Of The Gods!

You know it’s not particularly good for you, you’ve heard all the depressing blather about fats, clogged arteries, cholesterol and whatnot, and dutifully resolve to avoid bacon.

Until someone throws some bacon in a frying pan, that is, and your resolve dissolves with that unmistakable hissing sound, then that smell hits and Whammo! Before you know it, you find yourself at the kitchen table quivering like a dog begging for a treat, your senses going haywire.

If humankind was not meant to eat bacon, we wouldn’t react to it like this. Surely this is a sign.

•Suggested Activities: Cutting back on something else.

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