BairnThey say today, December 28, is the unluckiest day of the year. But when you get the gist of it, no one that is able to read this is in any danger. It’s the little guys who have to sweat it on


Bairns’ Day is another name for Holy Innocents Day, supposedly the day in Biblical History that King Herod ordered the death of all newborn baby boys in Israel, which was Joseph’s cue to pack up the lovely wife and newborn stepson and take it on the lam to Egypt.

Apparently Herod got the memo about Baby Jesus, what with that bright star shining above Bethlehem, the 3 Wise men showing up with precious gifts, and angels singing with the shepherds in the hills about a king being born in a manger.

Word got out, and Herod was a jealous king, with the usual broad streak of kingly homicidal rage, so it was the worst Christmas week ever for the young parents of baby boys in the Promised Land. Slaying random infants never gets to have a positive connotation, no matter how you spin it.

Small wonder Christmas never caught on in the Middle East.

•Suggested Activities: Catching a fast camel and hightailing it out of Dodge.

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