r-SUBWAY-large570The Underdog. And just who would that be, you ask? Why, it is us, every last one of us. So come celebrate your holiday on


The rank and file of humanity is who we are, those who build and run this world.

Unlike the silver spoon and smooth sailing types, our hands get dirty and we make our own luck. We know how hard is this life, and just how scarce are the breaks.

We work and we work our whole lives through, pushing that giant stone up a steep hill in the vague hope that somehow, someday, even if it is just for one day, the light will shine upon our path, our wearisome burden lifted. They say every dog has its day. Well… this is it!

Count your blessings, recall your many accomplishments, and savor the small victories we were able to snatch from a deck stacked against us during a lifetime of shoveling shit against the tide. We’re smart enough to know that this world is not all about us, but dammit, some of is sure is, and today is your day!

No matter who you are, no matter where you have been or where you’re going, you have done well under difficult circumstances. Applaud yourself, Underdogs.

•Suggested Activities: Stepping off the treadmill and onto a pedestal, coming from behind to win the big game, feasting, celebrating.

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