TODAY’S NATIONAL DAY, 12/13/23 – 1930s’ LINGO DAY!

Lindy HopDon’t be a sob sister, brother! Take a gander at your favorite Black & White flicks today and wise up, it’s


If you think the 1960s invented slang, guess again, Abercrombie, and quit bumping gums on my dime!

It don’t take no sharp-eyed gumshoe to figure out the 1930s were America’s Golden Age of Slang, and those hip to the lingo were the cat’s pajamas, a cut above ordinary Joes and Janes. Hep cats and kitties dug the swing sounds, see, and Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar was the order of the day at every clam bake.

It wasn’t all peaches and cream, though, times were rough back then. The long green was in short supply, hobos were riding the rails in search of a day’s pay, and soup kitchens sprouted like mushrooms on cow pies.

People looked out for each other as best they could, and our Prexy FDR was spreading the grease so everyone could get a taste to see them through. A Joe earning a double sawbuck a week building roads and dams for the Feds could feed his brood and feel like part of the show.

Speaking of shows, the movies helped us through the hard times, and Hollywood was lousy with talent, good looks and hard boiled operators in those days. The movies of the 1930s are the stuff that dreams are made of, and so was the lingo.

•Suggested Activities: Get togged to the bricks and go cut a rug.

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