gingerbread houseWhere else would a Gingerbread Man live with his Gingerbread Wife and their Gingerbread Kids, a birdhouse?  Hell, no!  As for the rest of us, you know you’re desperate for a holiday when you celebrate


No one you know has ever made a Gingerbread House, never mind gingerbread, that dusty, dry, cake-like substance second only to fruitcake in inedibility.

But it is Christmas Season after all, that time of year chock full of inconsistencies and wasteful indulgence, so we just suspend our critical faculties, go with the program and celebrate Gingerbread House Day.

Some Gingerbread Houses are quite elaborate, decorated with all manner of sugary confections and colorful gewgaws, while others are little more than gingerbread shacks with tin roofs, no central air or running water, and not even dial-up, never mind Wifi or Bluetooth.

None of which matters very much since, between clever foxes and voracious children, Gingerbread People generally don’t last very long, and their Gingerbread Houses are stripped of their gumdrops and icing in no time, becoming forlorn, abandoned derelicts lying beneath crumbling Christmas trees, their gingerbread walls turned hard as stone, destined for January’s trash bin. It’s not easy being ginger.

•Suggested Activities: Ignoring the whole nasty business.

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