Festivus greivances“What about the rest of us,” you query? Where’s our special day in the midst of America’s month-long feeding frenzy called Christmas Season? It took a very special man and a bold thinker to challenge the Christmas Hegemony. We have Frank Costanza to thank for


But Frank Costanza is a fictitious character on the “Seinfeld” show played by comedian Jerry Stiller, you say?

Okay tinsel breath, show me Santa Claus’ birth certificate, and then you can quibble (and have you read the backstory to Christmas? Don’t go there and ruin a good thing!).

Point is, Christmas is not for everybody, but it is so omnipresent that outsiders feel compelled to compete, and invent rival celebrations (If you think “Kwanza” is anything, think again. Some guy from Queens dreamt that one up.), so Festivus it is for the rest of us. Put up your Festivus Pole and commence with the Airing of Grievances, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

•Suggested Activities: Feats of strength, griping.

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