200903_omag_clutter_220x312What is human society but an attempt to impose order on chaos? What are these attempts but futile? What are unanswerable questions but annoying? Figure it out on


We make our plans, we learn our ABCs, dutifully set our alarm clocks and keep our appointed rounds.

“I got this,” we keep telling ourselves, as one calamity after the next tosses a dozen monkey wrenches into our ordered little worlds.

Turns out we don’t got this, and nothing turns out right. Ever.

Problem is, those pesky other people refuse to cooperate, or at least behave in a minimally predictable manner. Then there’s our wonderful gadgets, more and more of them all the time, designed to streamline our lives, until a few break down at once and we don’t remember how to live without them.

At which point we want to believe there are reliable people who know what’s going on, but they’re all running amok like randomly scattered windup toys, bumping into one another, falling off the end of the table and lying on their backs, kicking like upside-down turtles going nowhere fast and screaming bloody murder.

That’s when you realize you’re on your own in this tornado. Which brings us to the invention of wine…

•Suggested Activities: Laughing just to keep from crying.

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