MAD-Magazine-Alfred-E-Neuman-Norman-MingoWell, ho-friggin’-hum, it’s a holiday weekend. No big whoop, this one. Nothing fails to get your blood racing like


Being blasé means being unburdened from giving a tinker’s damn, a sweet release from the pressing concerns of everyday life and the greater world, at least for this one day.

We wish we could be blasé all the time, but that’s not in the cards when we live in a world doing its best to kill us 24/7 and bombarding our skulls with more information than fits between our ears.

Of course there’s things we care about desperately and people we love to distraction, but living in interesting times such as ours takes its toll, so we draw lines on what we are able to care about, for sheer self-preservation.

The Too Much Information Age is upon us, and sensory overload is always an irritating sound byte away. When the going gets rough, just remember that it’s all about love, and the rest is just details.

They sky is not falling and life as we know it is not disappearing any time soon. Blasé is the way, unimpressed is best, nonchalant is what you want.

•Suggested Activities: Shrugging. Yawning. Saying “What, me worry?”

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