Lil Abner & DaisySingle ladies, take note! He says it’s prudent to bide your time, and is partial to long engagements. Like a decade or so. Just to be sure, you see. Call his bluff on


Today is the day when women ask their men to marry them or get lost. Time to get off the pot already, Boy-os!

But Sadie Hawkins Day was created by American cartoonist Al Capp in the 1930s for his comic strip “‘Lil Abner,” you say? It can’t be real, you exclaim? Says who?

You just might want to review that whole Santa Claus with the 8 tiny reindeer deal, or the other backstory of Christmas, the one with a virgin giving birth to one third of a god in a stable. Who’s Mister Plausibility now, sport? And who better than a cartoonist to invent a holiday?

Sadie Hawkins Day doesn’t glorify epic battles or some bloody tragedy, or try to sell you a fishy story, it’s just some good clean fun in the war of the sexes. So, grab the bull by the horns today, ladies, and lead him to either the altar or the exit.

•Suggested Activities: Shotgun weddings.

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