Mickey MouseThe little son of a bitch is 95 years old today and still looks like he did decades ago. Dorian Gray didn’t age so well, not even that famous vampire Dick Clark before he got crushed by a falling New Year’s Eve ball, leaving us no option but celebrating


Mickey Mouse made his debut in the short animated film “Steamboat Willie,” on November 18, 1928.

It was one of the first sound cartoons ever made and Mickey was an instant sensation with audiences, going on to star in one smash hit after another.

Being a smart little mouse, Mickey parlayed his film success into his own comic strip, a TV show and a lifetime job as Official Spokesmouse for Walt Disney Productions, making him not only an American icon, but one of the most widely recognized performers on the planet.

Few people realize that Mickey is also a writer, producer and director too, and most film critics consider his masterpiece to be “Fantasia,” which Mickey produced and directed from his own screenplay, and turned in his most memorable performance, even choreographing the hippo ballerinas. Siskel & Ebert called it Mickey’s Citizen Kane. Not bad for an irritating little rodent with a squeaky voice.

•Suggested Activities: Putting on your Mickey Mouse ears, you know you have a pair somewhere.

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