To be or not to be? You call that a question? Well, actors can be or not be whoever they like, which is why we celebrate


Ah, the Thespian Arts, making dreams ring true!

Even though we know they are only playing a part, our best actors make us believe, and we forget they are not Othello, or Ratso Rizzo, or Mata Hari, and those characters and their times come alive for us.

Actors teach us things we didn’t know, and take us along with them to discover new places and share new experiences. The writers give us the words, the characters and the stories, but only an actor can bring them alive, making interesting characters unforgettable, and good stories riveting.

The best acting performances don’t seem like acting at all, but as natural as talking to your neighbor, while bad acting sticks out like a second nose.

Anyone who’s ever tried it knows how very difficult it can be, and how rewarding it is to deliver a convincing performance. We all have our favorite actors and actresses, and have memorized their most moving scenes by heart. Today, ask your mirror: “Are you talking to me?

In the immortal words of the Master Thespians:



“Thank you!”

• Suggested Activities: Keep your friends close, but your thespians closer.

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