They come in every shape, size and color, from every region of our country, and from all walks of life, and the only thing they all have in common is their service and their commitment to put their lives on the line for the rest of us. We salute them all on

Veterans Day.

Not a single one of them ever started a war or made an enemy of another nation.

Almost none of them particularly wanted to take part in their war either, but they did so without hesitation, and performed their duty with honor, courage and dedication.

Like the old saying goes, “all gave some, some gave all,” and the white grave markers of our fallen can be found in cemeteries that were once the battlegrounds of Europe and Asia, where Americans fought for a better world against the threat of global tyranny and oppression.

Our veterans are a special set of citizens, as both defenders and beneficiaries of our way of life, rightfully proud of doing their part, men and women whose love of country is more than a set of words or a feeling, but a tangible reality demonstrated by their actions and their willingness to die for their brothers and sisters.

They took an oath, underwent grueling training and separated themselves from their families and their former lives to become part of something bigger than themselves. They get no special privileges for their service other than our respect and gratitude, and the satisfaction of having answered the call. Hug a veteran today.

• Suggested Activities: Never forget.

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