drinking swellsHere’s a holiday to remember. Vaguely, anyway.


What else says revelry like Pink Martinis?

Well, plenty of things do, but this is, after all, Vodka Day.

This clear liquid is the most versatile of whiskeys, so let’s mix up a Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Cape Cod, Sea Breeze, Vodka Sour, White Russian, Black Russian, Sex On The Beach, ice cold shots or any of ten thousand other vodka concoctions.

No matter, those trains are all headed to the same station, Sweet Oblivion. We have Russia to thank for vodka, starting about 850 AD. Or Poland, 50 years earlier, nobody’s really sure, since, what the hell, this is hard booze we’re talking about, not exactly conducive to taking detailed notes.

In recent years vodka has been hijacked by one designer label after the next, convincing millions of people that they can tell the difference between the taste of regular vodka and the ones that cost twice the price. No one has the heart to tell them there’s no difference at all.

•Suggested Activities: Trying desperately not to look hammered.

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