1923 Ford Model T
1923 Ford Model T

Making its debut on October 1, 1908, there were more than 15 million of them made by the time it was replaced by the Model A in 1927, and was the first car built for the masses. The Ford Model T, called “The Tin Lizzie” and honored as The Car Of The 20th Century, claims today as


Henry Ford had a vision, a mass produced car assembled by well paid, skilled craftsmen who could afford to buy one themselves, and together these thousands of calloused hands made it happen, and the most iconic car ever invented rolled out of Detroit factories and into history, the car that changed the world.

Previously the playthings of the wealthy, automobiles were soon the way that America got around, and the world followed suit. The Model T built more roads, tunnels and bridges than any king or emperor, more than anyone ever imagined, and transformed almost every culture and society as well.

Ford Model Ts were affordable, reliable, easy to drive and easy to fix, and they took a beating, doubling as no-frills farm vehicles and small trucks.

All of a sudden America was accessible to everyone, and our restless, mobile society now had a set of wheels to get to the next horizon. The car that changed everything, available in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

•Suggested Activities: Going where the road takes you.

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