readingIf these letters look like indecipherable squiggly lines to you, maybe today just isn’t your holiday and you need to wait for National Ooh Look at The Pretty Pictures Day, but the rest of us will be celebrating


Why? Because we can read!

Because when we were small children, a lot of people had the time and patience to open the doors and windows of our little minds and let the light shine in, that’s why. Once we learned to read, the world was ours.

Our little brains grew with knowledge and understanding, and we got to thinking that maybe now there’s a decent shot at figuring out what the hell was going on around here. And so you read. And you read and read and read some more.

From the riveting adventures of Dick, Jane and their dog Spot in our First Readers, the instructions on assembling a favorite toy, and being able to read the “Don’t Walk” signs, reading began saving our lives from the get go.

We all remember reading every sign we saw with our newly opened eyes and proudly announcing to anyone who would listen that this place is a Dry Cleaner, that place is a Fish Store, and there’s the Library, l-i-b-r-a-r-y!

Read to a child today, teach them a new word, and a new adventure.

•Suggested Activities: Each one teach one.

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