800px-Benjamin_Keach_pilloryThere’s some places left in the world where you can still get in trouble for it, but thanks to America’s radical notion of separation of church and state, they are fewer and fewer, and so today we celebrate


Go ahead, bring up “Jesus – The Balloon Animal Years” if you like, no one’s going to arrest you.

Ask if any of Mohammed’s 72 virgins was a schoolteacher who finally taught him to read and write in Paradise, or make all the “asking for directions” jokes about Moses you like, it’s no crime.

Religions have more holidays than Warren Beatty has movie star exes, so don’t get all huffy when the naysayers get one stinking day to say “stuff it!”

Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed all walk into a bar. Bartender says: “Abe, are your 3 dipshit sons going to get along like gentlemen or am I going to have to toss ’em outta here again?”

•Suggested Activities: Skepticism

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