Autumn-Time-in-Nature-049autumn16September 23 is not always the end of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but when it is… we call it


Today’s holiday didn’t actually commence until 2:49 AM, but once it starts, Summer officially ends.

We knew this was coming. The kids have been back at school for weeks, your Labor Day hangover is finally gone and the stitches are healing nicely, and the dog is shedding enough hair to crochet a quilt.

Some of us are dragged kicking and screaming into the Fall, while others rejoice at the coming cool weather and the riot of Autumn colors as the trees put on a show before shedding their leaves in huge child-friendly mounds. Barbecue time is over, the lifeguards are gone from the beaches, and turkeys everywhere are starting to get a bad feeling.

Whatever your feelings on the matter, it’s time to change wardrobes from speedos to corduroys and check your heating systems, Autumn is here in all its glory.

The moon is bigger and rounder, the air crisp and invigorating, and even food tastes better. Men are more alert, women are prettier, and the peewees fill the air with the music of their laughter, so we might as well get with the program and celebrate our ever-changing world.

•Suggested Activities: Howling at the Harvest Moon

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