book girlSorry, Kindle, but they smell better than you. Today we celebrate


Don’t we love our books? New ones, old ones, fat ones, thin ones, red ones, green ones, Mother Goose or Doctor Seuss, books are our brain’s favorite food.

There are millions of them, but only a handful that everybody knows; the Huck Finns, the War and Peaces, the Les Miserables, the Tales of Two Cities, the Green Eggs and Hams, and hundreds of other cultural landmarks. Those books bind us together in common experience and social reference, while the not-so-universal books we love define who we are as individuals.

We bookworms find our passion through books, and read all about it.

Whether your thing is Romance, Science Fiction, Science Fact, Textbooks, Biographies, Fantasies, Westerns, Poetry, Mysteries or Histories, you are going to have favorites. Here’s to the writers who take us on a trip to a place far, far away for a few hundred pages, and the unforgettable characters they create, people who enter our lives, and who we miss when we finish their stories.

The best authors leave us their insight and unique perspective, and teach us as they charm us with their tales. Book Lovers, you know who you are. Get unbusy.

•Suggested activities: Crack open a new one.

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