All we are saying (with bacon)What’s that musical sound? What’s that heavenly smell? Could this be an Ascension? If not, that can only mean one thing. Today is


You know it, you love it, you can’t get enough bacon, as close to a national food as there is in the USA.

It’s so good that some people even defy God to eat it, or make a turkey version of bacon, which isn’t half bad.

In other parts of the world, bacon is made from back and side cuts of pork and referred to as “Canadian Bacon,” while in America our bacon is made from pork bellies and called “fatty” or “streaky” or simply “American style.” It is cured and smoked in sides called fletches, sliced into rashers, sold by the pound and consumed by the ton by happy diners all over a grateful nation.

Not only is bacon a food, but a mood-elevator of proven worth.

The brain’s pleasure centers begin engaging with the peeling off of slices and tossing them in the pan, then quicken as we watch them brown and sizzle, and start to quiver when smelling those first wisps of that wonderful aroma that quickly fills the entire vicinity, attracting whatever people and animals are in the house to the kitchen within seconds, until finally all our pleasure sensors go into overdrive at that first bite of crispy, almost unbelievably delicious bacon, delivering this message from our thankful brains: “This will be a good day.”

•Suggested Activities: Salivating

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